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My Perambulation Walk

Paul Rendell recalls a series of walks he did in the 1980s when he completed the perambulation of the old Forest of Dartmoor as determined in 1240.

Dartmoor Hospitals - Plaster Down By Paul Rendell

The flat piece on moorland between Whitchurch and Horrabridge called Plaster Down was once a busy army camp run by the 115th Field Hospital Unit. The unit was formed in America in 1942 and most of the men came from New England and the mid-Atlantic states while the nurses were from mid-Atlantic and mid-west states. The unit arrived in the UK on 2nd July 1943 and were sent to Tavistock. From there they went by lorry to the camp on Plaster Down which had recently been built by the British.

The Tale of Billy's Tor

Paul Rendell looks at a very small and over looked tor near Princetown.

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