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Dartmoor Experience Collection


Walking through Dartmoor’s Myths and Legends


The Experience

Enjoy a guided walk through a landscape that is rich in history, stories and myths. Listen to your guides

experiences of living and working on Dartmoor. This experience will transport you back into a time where pixies, ghosts and witchcraft were part of the daily life on Dartmoor! Learn of the story of the man who fell down a mine shaft and his faithful dog saved his life yet the dog can still be seen within the area. For lunch you will visit a traditional pub, which is said to be haunted.



  • Learn about the myths and legends of the area with a local historian and author who also has many stories of his own to tell

  • Walk through the dramatic landscape where the legends have taken place

  • Enjoy lunch in one of the highest inns in England with some wonderful views across the moors, the fire in the pub has reportedly been burning for nearly 200 years

  • Chance to collect some unusual letterbox stamps


The Detail

  • Experience duration – 3 hours      

  • Recommended group – 3-15

  • Cost per person  - Please inquire

  • Fitness level required - Moderate      

  • Refreshments and meals - included


Further information from Paul Rendell


Telephone : 01837 547 27




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